Country Fix


Country Fix is a weekly half hour program hosted by the country music artists themselves. Country Fix features music videos and from Countrys biggest superstars like Keith Urban, The Band Perry, Jason Aldean, etc., As well as today’s talented emerging artists and legendary country music greats such as; George Straight, George Jones and Willie Nelson! Each week Country Fix also features a special artist interview or Behind The Scene view of the making of their music video as well as an Artist Spotlight feature that showcases an in-depth look at the music and life of a special guest. Country Fix airs on multiple television networks and stations world wide. Reaching over 100,000,000 Households weekly.

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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight - To further help Artists brand and promote themselves and their music nationally, we offer this special 'Artist Spotlight'. The Spotlight is a 3-4 minute feature exposé of the artist. The Artist Spotlight also includes a thirty second commercial promoting the artist and their music, thus giving the artist special branding and promotion to over 100,000,000 viewers weekly.